Recently, Channel 4 aired a documentary about the secrets of sleep. The documentary monitored the sleep habits of 12 individuals who were labelled as the nation’s worst sleepers. Each of the participants had a different sleep issue such as sleep walking, having full conversations alone throughout the night, nightmares, and dreams of “a man or something, dragging their legs and being in the room”. Some who suffered with nightmares added that the dreams felt “so real”; while others said they felt “paralysed and unable to move or get up when they wanted to because they felt like they were being watched and someone was coming to get them”. With people suffering such terrible experiences, one has to ask: is there such a thing as “God given sleep”?

Each person in the documentary had resorted to various tragic methods of controlling their sleep. They included “avoiding certain emotions”, and failing to sleep for days so as to force their bodies into overdrive and extreme tiredness, which they hoped, would eventually make them “sleep for days or over 46 hours on occasion”.

As someone who previously sleep-walked and experienced difficulties sleeping, it got me thinking about how today’s society has forsaken the possibility of a spiritual dimension, and often seek to treat or understand such issues only with natural science. We tend to label unexplained events or behaviours as either psychological or psychotic episodes; however I believe that many of such cases (not all) may be due to spiritual issues, which can only be resolved by pleading the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As I watched the documentary, I felt a huge burden and sadness for some of the patients at the clinic as they met with doctors to discuss their sleep issues. They watched recorded videos of their night-time activities, and it reminded me of my past personal experiences. This got me thinking about God’s goodness towards me – how He delivered me from this ordeal, and made it possible for me to walk in the fullness of His glory and experience His overflow in my life. I now enjoy God given sleep!
For anyone who may have similar experiences, please be reassured that there is victory available for you. There is power in the name of Jesus to silence all demonic attacks or night terrors that we may experience. It is God’s will for us to sleep peacefully and have a good night’s rest, so I encourage you to confess the Word of God over your situation and claim back your God given sleep! The Bible encourages us to cast all our anxiety on Him because He cares for us. And Proverbs 3:24 also says, ‘when you lie down, you shall not be afraid, your sleep will be sweet’. Check out Psalm 4:8 and Psalm 29:11, and remember this: there is no reason for us to be sleep deprived!

By Eunice Alloh

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Bridget - January 2nd, 2023 at 1:59am

Thank you Eunice for this insightful information.