Pastor Georgi Cherkezov was born and grew up in Sofia - the Capital city of Bulgaria, and for 6 years he has been living with his family in the United Kingdom!

Georgi Cherkezov went to school in Sofia. It was a sports school, so he could have become a football trainer, but he had to start working to help his family financially - Georgi has been working since he was 16 years old!
He grew up with and was raised by his grandparents, because his mother and father were separated, and his father was addicted to drugs.

The way he found out about Jesus was through his grandmother who was a Christian, and used to take him with her to church; but he was not so keen at the time!

In 2007, he got married to his beautiful wife, Marina, and they now have 2 wonderful children: Traycho, who is 13 years old, and Stefani, who is 9 years old! They had lived their lives without the presence of God, and that life had consequences.

This was until one day, Georgi and Marina found Christ in 2014! Since then, they became new and started changing for the better! Soon after, they came to the UK and met Pastors Iliya and Rayna Panova, where God changed their lives through these people of God!

Pastors Iliya and Rayna Panova serve as examples of humble people, a Godly marriage, and a Godly relationship to Pastors Georgi and Marina Cherkezova. They connected Georgi and his family to God!

Georgi and Marina Cherkezova are called to, and are now spreading the Good News, as Pastors of New Wine Bulgarian Church, Woolwich, London. Praise God!