Marina Cherkezova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She got married to Georgi Cherkezov in 2017, and they are blessed with 2 children: Traycho, who is 13 years old and Stefani, who is 9 years old!

Their first years of marriage were hard, because we were homeless spiritually - they didn’t even know that they had a Heavenly Father somewhere! This was until they met Christ in 2014. Since then, everything became different!

They have been living in the UK for 6 years, where they met amazing people like Pastors Iliya and Rayna Panova - who play an amazing role in Marina and Georgi’s life, as their spiritual father and mother!

Marina and her family honour and love Pastors Iliya and Rayna, because they were their connection with the presence of the Lord. Now, Marina and Georgi’s mission is to connect other people with Him!

Marina and her husband, Georgi serve as Pastors of New Wine Bulgarian Church, Woolwich, London.