This is 2022
I am experiencing, the ‘perfecting life’ of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour
His divine life, perfects me daily
His life-giving Spirit, regulates my regenerated spirit
Therefore, I’m maturing in the grace and knowledge of Him

I allow the Cross to do its ‘perfecting work’ in me, maturing me
I cooperate with the Holy Spirit
I study and meditate on God’s Word
I pray in line with God's Word
Therefore, I fulfill God's will, and reflect His image

The ‘perfecting life’ of Christ
Transforms my responses in every situation, knowing:
Every challenge, works for my good
Every test, leads to a testimony
Every trial, leads to triumph

The ‘perfecting life’ of Christ is:
The answer to all questions
The solution to all problems
The Christ-life within me manifests to those around me

In 2022
I experience the ‘perfecting life’ of Christ to discover, develop and deploy His
gifts within me
I discover more of God’s interests, through His gift of grace
I develop towards perfection, through His work of grace
I deploy my gifts, to fulfill His goal of grace
I glorify God with my life in Jesus’ name