Sis Alice Runs Marathons!

My name is Alice Onofeta. I started attending New Wine Church from its inception; in fact, I gave my life to the Lord at New Wine Church. It is priceless to be surrounded by such a warm, dependable Church-family, and to be able to share God’s love with our community through charitable projects.
In 2022, I am running the Berlin and the Chicago Marathon, Through these races, my goal is to raise money to support two charitable causes:

1. Shalom Nagar Lepers Colony in India: It is a residential estate housing 55 lepers and about 100 other members of their families, offering them a life of dignity, self-empowerment and the opportunity for a better future often denied them by the general society that treats them as outcasts.

The facility provides free feeding, accommodation and health care to the residents and offers a safe environment to develop their skills, become economically fruitful and produce items for sale to the wider community.
2. Samuel Folorunsho Care Foundation, Ibadan, Nigeria: This foundation improves the life chances of orphans and vulnerable children in Ibadan by providing parental care, a place of safety and sustenance, access to education and health facilities.
The funds raised will go to these causes using the ratio 2:1 (New Wine India Project: Samuel Folorunsho Care Foundation). Your support and donations will empower lepers in India and encourage orphans in Nigeria.

Thank you in advance for your donations.