In line with our theme for 2021 which is Growth in Life, New Wine Financial Services Team and New Wine Career Builders  teamed up to bring a “thought provoking” webinar aimed at those planning on starting a new business and those that desire to grow their existing business.

The New Wine Business Summit 2021 focused on the fundamentals required for starting up a micro business, by examining:
  • the practical issues surrounding starting up a business e.g. integrity, building trust amongst your clients and inner circle, understanding what it means to “serve faithfully”
  • the principles that are required to sustain and maintain a business for the long term by looking at the holistic picture and more.The webinar focused on how one can package innovative business ideas, and how one can fund the ideas that would ultimately lead to the growth of your business.

This event took place on Saturday, 19th June at 2pm - 4:30pm via Zoom, with two different Speakers who are renowned in their field of expertise - Temi Koleowo and Emmanuel Agholor.

Here is a replay of the webinar below: