Our Christmas Hamper Campaign is one of our most far-reaching programmes in supporting the disadvantaged within our local community.

We actively serve the elderly, the home-bound and those who have fallen on hard times through the donations of the hampers, funded by New Wine Church members.

At New Wine, we have a firm conviction that the hamper recipients have an inherent worth and dignity that comes from their being created in the image of God, who loves them eternally. We are channels of God’s love committed to supporting them in enjoying a Christmas day with dignity.

The hampers are distributed with the assistance of dignitaries such as the Mayor of Royal Greenwich, Members of Parliament, the Deputy Lieutenant (representative of HM The Queen) and other local dignitaries, helping to reinforce the high regard we have for the recipients.

Since 2002, we have distributed over 31,770 Christmas hampers that have benefitted over 157,850 low-income members of the communities within Royal Greenwich and other London boroughs. Each hamper is packed with enough food and drink to ensure that the family receives a complete Christmas dinner.

One of the recipients said, “God smiled on us when New Wine moved to Woolwich.”

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