During this half day interactive Webinar, New Wine Career Builders took delegates through understanding the basic principles required for supporting career success.

Topics covered during the webinar included: Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, and having the right attitude. An introduction to handling racism in the workplace was also covered.

The speaker outlined the principles of using an evidence-based structured approach to talking about experiences of racism at work, minimising the denial and invalidation of these experiences by the employer. Delegates also learned some practical exercises around the Clean Feedback Approach, which is transferable across professional and personal lives. More importantly the clean feedback framework  enabled each delegate to clarify what they want before they speak to their employer, clearly outlining the evidence to support their experience and letting them know what they want.

The speakers delivered presentations of 45 minutes each and a 30-minute Q&A session took place after the presentations.

In this free webinar, get ready to learn new skills and principles that could move your career to the next level. Kindly click on the button to watch the webinar replay below.