A Cell Group is a voluntary, intentional gathering of 5 to 15 people meeting together regularly with the shared goal of mutual fellowship, edification, personal growth and practical support.

It involves Bible study, Prayer, Worship, Discipleship and interpersonal encouragement in our Christian spiritual journey.

Our Cell Groups bring together participants who live in the same local area. For the Woolwich HQ Church, we currently have over 30 locations in London, Kent and Essex, with each branch also having their cell groups in their locations.

Benefits of being Part of Cell Group

Regular participation in your Cell Group enables you to tap deeply into the spiritual and practical resources available to you within New Wine Church and equips you to excel even more abundantly in all areas of life. As the word of God reminds us: “Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.” – Psalm 92: 13.

Being an active member of your cell group is a vital part of being ‘planted in the house’ and offers you tremendous benefits that include:

  • Developing strong friendships.
  • Opportunity to grow in your faith through in-depth Bible Study.
  • Enjoying the opportunity to have your deeper questions about the Christian life answered within a relaxed environment.
  • Support and encouragement from other matured believers in tough times.
  • Access to pastoral assistance in dealing with civil matters e.g. obtaining references for jobs or for children’s schooling.
  • Home visits for you or close family members when required.
  • Foster greater belonging within a smaller network of your Church who pray with and for you regularly, strengthening your spiritual life.
  • Opportunity to be a blessing to others within your Church family through your spiritual gifts e.g. in sharing biblical insights and praying for them.
  • Enhanced access to the broad range of life services available to Church members and listed here.

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