Eliane Hitimana, along with her husband Leonard; is the co-pastor of New Wine Church, Luxembourg.  A church planted in 2016.

Eliane became a born again believer in Jesus Christ in 1980 while attending a Pentecostal room prayer meeting in her secondary school. Her faith grew while attending Assembly of God Church in Ivory Coast and was baptised in the Holy Spirit in 1993.  She met and married Leonard in Ivory Coast.

Eliane and her husband, Leonard have been involved in holding cell group meetings in Belgium. They experienced the power of God manifesting in people's lives, jobs secured, immigration issues sorted and marriages established.

In the UK, Eliane chose to remain in New Wine Church despite the initial difficulties with speaking the English language. Along, with her husband, she was happy to learn the language one word at a time, Sunday after Sunday.

It was a challenging journey but their children learned English quickly and supported Eliane and Leonard during the mini cell-group meetings at which they shared what they had learned from church the previous Sunday.

Eliane loves people and believes that God has put talents and gifts in every person.

Elaine is married to Leonard Hitimana and the marriage is blessed with three lovely ladies - Gloriose, Danielle and Abigail.