As we emerge from a nation-wide lockdown and ease into a new normal, the recovery of the economy both here in the UK and globally is now in progress. As governments and financial institutions debate on how best to steer the global economy forward, the time couldn’t be more auspicious to discuss how YOU could get involved.

By popular demand and in response to the success of the June 2020 Financial Webinar, the New Wine Financial Services Team present a new series of webinars titled ‘Transform Your Finance’ to educate and empower you for these times.

The second of this five-part series, titled ‘Let’s Talk Financial Investment – Part 2’ was held online on Saturday, 22nd of August, 2020 at 2pm.

Topics discussed included:

  • How to analyse different types of funds and pick the preferred ones
  • The various methods of identifying shares to pick for investment
  • The various criteria to consider when making decisions on the bonds that can give good yield
  • Information on various educational materials and tools available to better understand how to analyse financial investment, and much more.

Please, watch the replay below.