Pastor Adekola Taiwo joined New Wine Church in April 1998 and has been a part of its success story ever since. He carries a great passion in his heart for people to know, love and enjoy the fullness of Christ in their daily living experience.
He joined the Children’s Ministry as a teacher for the youth class, pursuing his passion for young people’s spiritual growth and rose to become the Minister in charge of the Youth Ministry. Pastor Kola had a deep and abiding commitment to see young people enjoy their relationship with Christ, which led to his pursuit of the “In Christ Reality,” and this has shaped his life and ministry for many years.

Pastor Kola was ordained as a Minister and joined the Board of Ministers of New Wine Church in 2004. He led the Outreach Portfolio (responsible for all teams and initiatives that related to New Wine’s outreach activity into the community) then the Business Portfolio and later the Services Portfolio (responsible for teams and initiatives that provide ministry to Church members helping to advance their spiritual growth and meet their personal needs). He was ordained as a Pastor in New Wine Church on 30th June 2015, continuing to provide leadership as the Cabinet Minister responsible for the Services Cabinet.

He is happily married to his precious wife Bethia Taiwo since August 2000 and they are blessed with four wonderful daughters, Ezara, Zoe-Melody, Thirza-Lily and Eliezra.

Pastor Kola is convinced that God’s eternal plans are always in play by His all-controlling Spirit, working in and through the Church, both locally and universally. His desire is to allow his life to further the things of God in the local church and ultimately in the wider body of Christ.