If you are in a relationship hoping to get married, or you are newly-wed but didn’t attend a marriage preparation programme to equip you with the tools for a great marriage, then you need to attend the NWC Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP).

What is MPP?

MPP is designed to help couples discover, develop and deploy their roles as husband and wife, and will help set the right foundation for the marriage that God has planned for you. Each session is both fun and insightful, covering topics such as:

  • God’s mandate to the husband and wife     
  • Communication
  • Resolving conflict
  • Finance
  • Sex, yes sex and much more!

The programme runs twice yearly, in the spring and autumn, for 9 weeks on Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm. Each session is led by our facilitators who are also experienced Christian couples.
Who is it for?
If you are a couple considering marriage, preparing to get married, or perhaps married already but would like to refresh then this is for you!
Why should we attend?
Whilst based on Christian principles, MPP is helpful for new couples with or without a Christian or church background. At New Wine Church we believe that marriage is a God-ordained institution and so these sessions look to equip you with insights and know-how, to build your marriage and home on the right foundation.
What do couples say about the course?
Check out what couples who have previously attended MPP have to say in the video below!

Why is it important to prepare for marriage?
How has MPP benefitted your marriage?
What was your favourite topic?
Would you recommend MPP to other couples?
Meet a few of our marriage counsellors?

Check out what some of the marriage counsellors have to say in the video below!
To find out more about the next stream of MPP, please email

OR call 020 88 555 888.

Spring Marriage Preparation Programme starts Thursday, 21st March 2024 (Deadline for Applications - 10th March 2024)

Autumn Marriage Preparation Programme starts Thursday, 12th September 2024 (Deadline for Applications - 1st September 2024)

To apply, please click on the 'Register Here' button below to fill in the Application form.