As we round up what has been an unprecedented year in modern times, and as governments and financial institutions play their part in resolving the global health and economic crisis, the time is still right to keep discussing how YOU could get involved and prosper.

Over the last four ‘Transform Your Finance’ webinar series, we've discussed various financial and property strategies to empower you for these times.

In the final session of this five-part series, titled ‘Money Management’ was held online on Saturday, 28th of November, 2020 at 2pm. The highlights of this webinar included:

  • To provide an overview of key money management strategies
  • To provide a structured approach into understanding financial positions
  • To explore the two main category of debts and tactics on how to deal with them
  • To provide an insight into a skill-based approach to developing multiple income streams
  • To provide practical tips and advice on getting your venture or business started

Please, watch the replay below.