Join us at New Wine Church for our daily prayer meetings, where we reach out and transform lives through the power of prayer.

What to Expect:

Daily prayer - Everyday we gather virtually and in-person to share reflections, support one another and pray together For the Glory of God.

Weekly Schedule:

Please find below the weekly schedule. You can click on each day to take you to the right page:

Community Support:
This is a great time to connect with your New Wine community, where you are valued, not numbered. Our Daily Prayer Meetings are a place where you can share your intentions, offer support to others and receive encouragement in return.

Why Join Us:
  • Find Comfort - Prayer can help you find contentment, clarity and a sense of peace. You can hand your troubles to our heavenly father and let him lift your spirits.

  • Nourish Your Spirit - This is the chance to take time out of your day to nurture your relationship with God.

  • Make a difference - Joining our prayer meeting isn’t just about personal spiritual growth - it is about gathering together to worship the Lord, centre your focus on God and invite Him to do wonderful things in the lives of others.

How to Participate: 
Our Prayer Meetings take place everyday at 7pm.

You can join us online everyday except on Fridays, when our in-person Power NIght holds at Gateway House and on Wednesday, reserved for Cell Group meetings.

All are welcome to join us from wherever you are!