As we emerge from a nation-wide lockdown and ease into a new normal, the recovery of the economy both here in the UK and globally is now in progress. As governments and financial institutions debate on how best to steer the global economy forward, the time couldn’t be more auspicious to discuss how YOU could get involved.

Over the last three ‘Transform Your Finance’ webinar series, (and four finance webinars) we've discussed various financial and property investments to empower you for these times.

The penultimate session of this five-part series, titled ‘Understanding Pensions, Will, Inheritance tax and Trusts’ held online on Saturday, 10th of October, 2020 at 2pm. The highlights of the webinar included:

  • Understanding the importance of pension and when to start planning for it
  • Understanding the framework for UK state pension, workplace pension and private pension
  • Insight into the importance of life insurance and how it works
  • Understanding Wills and how vital it is for every individual
  • What is inheritance tax? Plus reasons you cannot ignore it
  • The legal ways to reduce your inheritance tax
  • The use of Trusts to manage your estate and to reduce inheritance tax and much more.

Please, watch the replay below.