Over the past two years we have organised and delivered series of webinars on wealth creation including investment in various forms of assets that will be of benefit to individuals and their loved ones. As a follow up organised another webinar on how to plan the assets being acquired and manage them to the full benefit of the owners and any other beneficiaries.

Do you know that:
  • In the event of incapacitation (either due to illness or other reasons) no family member or relatives can make certain decisions on your behalf either for welfare or financial reasons
  • Government will charge 40% tax on the value of your estate (property, money and possession) in excess of the set threshold of £325,000
  • In the event of death, Wills help you to make decision you want on your estate in the best interest of your loved ones otherwise the government will decide for you
  • Where a couple jointly acquired a property, if one party later died or they separated, there are huge financial implications if the purchase contract was based on joint tenancy instead of tenancy in common.
  • There are legal avenues you can explore to significantly reduce any tax you pay on your estates
  • Any many more
This webinar on Saturday, the 23rd of April 2022 at 2pm focused on helping the target audience adequately plan their estate, to maximise the benefits accruing from the assets for themselves and other beneficiaries or loved ones.

The areas covered during this webinar included:
  • Powers of attorney – what is it, who needs it, why and when to set it up
  • Wills – The importance, different ways to write it and the pitfalls to avoid
  • Managing pension and life insurance – for the benefits of the owner and the beneficiaries
  • Inheritance tax – what is it and how is it calculated
  • Estate tax planning – Best way to structure your estate to legally reduce any tax payable to government and maximise benefit from your estate