Calling all young people to the New Wine Youth Rally 2022!

Join us in experiencing fresh dimensions of God's wisdom, love and grace that will empower you to enjoy uncommon victory in all areas of your life as a young person.

The theme for this event is:

‘The Throne Room: Discovering and Experiencing the Risen Saviour’.

During this unique one-day event you will discover interesting facts around the greatest event in human history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You’ll be taken on a mind-blowing journey that explores the historical evidence and significance of the resurrection, how this event impacted the world and how it can transform your personal life.

You will also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bible by learning about the authors and the reliability of the gospels.

It will be an informative, interactive event with discussion forums, worship, games, food, and more, so prepare to have yourself a truly enjoyable and empowering day!

Join us on Saturday the 9th of April from 11am to 5pm and prepare your heart to discover new realms of the love and presence of Jesus Christ through a power-packed day of prayer, worship, fun, fellowship and faith. In essence, you will have the opportunity to personally experience the risen saviour!

Join us at Gateway House, John Wilson Street, Woolwich, London SE18 6QQ or online via YouTube @newwineyouthchurch.

We look forward to seeing you there!