New Wine Church was founded by Pastor (Dr) Tayo Adeyemi (1964-2013), a medical doctor by profession, at the age of 27 on 25 July 1993 with 25 people.  Prior to that, Tayo and two of his friends had started the Upper Room Fellowship with a handful of people who met in an apartment.  They very quickly outgrew the apartment and started holding services at the West Greenwich Community and Arts Centre before acquiring and moving to Gateway House (the former Woolwich Coronet Cinema) on 24 December 2000.

Pastor Tayo was recognised as a strong leader of the 21st century church and a respected prophetic voice in the United Kingdom.  Under his leadership, New Wine Church became a major force in its immediate and wider community, a significant influence nationally, in Europe and different parts of the world.  He was committed to reclaiming Christianity into the 7 Mountains of Influence:  Education, Arts & Entertainment, Religion, Family, Business & Economy, Media and Government.

A teacher and orator par excellence, his visionary instincts birthed The Church I See and made New Wine Church one of the leading dynamic churches in the United Kingdom.

Pastor Michael Olawore (1961-2018), a member since the Upper Room Fellowship days who gave up his career as an electrical engineer for full-time ministry, took over as Senior Pastor in August 2013.

Pastor Michael had a passionate love for God, unceasing affection for people, a phenomenal commitment to the advancement of God’s Kingdom with a strong zeal to set people free from spiritual bondage and experience God’s boundless blessings.  He established RechargeTM, an annual conference for developing and mentoring church leaders with global speakers such as Bishop T. D. Jakes, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and Dr Mark Chironna.  He received the Divine mandate of 50 Churches in 5 Years; New Wine Church blossomed beyond Gateway House with 15 fully operational branches in 7 countries.

Pastor Kola Taiwo was ordained as Senior Pastor on Sunday, the 25th of November 2018. Under him, by the grace of God, New Wine Church worldwide will continue to flourish as we conjoin with God to build a family, house and kingdom that He desires.